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Doom -pelisarjan virallinen Fanisivu (Jere Sumell) – This page is official fan page of Doom game series by Jere Sumell.

Muistelmani ID Softwaren tajunnan räjäyttävästä räiskintäpelistä

ID Softwaren peleillä jo ennen Doomin julkaisua ja John Romeron ohjelmoimilla peleillä on ollut valtava vaikutus lapsuusvuosistani näihin päiviin ja tulee olemaan loppuun saakka. Ennen ID Softwarea oltiin perustettu, pelasin John Romeron SoftDisk-yhtiölle ohjelmoimaa klassikkopeliä ”Dangerous Dave” paljon.

Ensimmäisen Doomin julkaisusta tuli kuluneeksi 30 vuotta, ja ostin 6.9.2019 John Romeron uuden episodin ”Sigil” Buckethead -artistin trash-metalli -soundtrackilla virallisesti Romero’s Shopista. Peliä jaksaa vielä pelata 30 vuoden tauon jälkeen. Palaan aina välillä Doomin pariin, vaikka räiskintäpelejä on tehty sen jälkeenkin.

My Merorial writing in English appealing to mind-blowing Doom -FPS -game

What comes to games from my childhood there’s two essential names over all which ones have had been most influence till nowdays continuing till the Living Dead End of my human life in the PC -Gaming Industry. First of all John Romero made good games before he was founding ID Software with his business partner an ID Software co-founder John Carmack. Dangerous Dave was first Romero’s game I played lot of with my step-brother’s Clone PC. It was outstanding. There’s a reference for items, and even Gun that made John Romero living legend in computing later years.

I bought Doom 1 30 -years birthday -Celebration Episode called ”Sigil” made by original main programmer John Romero requested by all of Doom fans at the Romero’s Shop legally with Buckethead -trash Metal -artist soundtrack included on September 06.2019. Price is only 6,66 euros and game is worth of buying and there’s a lot of fun I’m gonna have with it. Before that I have bought all the Doom -games over the Steam -game -cloud -delivering platform. And all of them are still going strong.

Ultimate Doom -pelitallennustiedostoja. (My Ultimate Doom autosavegames [ZDoom])

Voit ladata 4 jakamaani pelitallennustiedostoa tästä linkistä. You can Download my autosavegame-files by clicking this link. (Dropbox). [Hurt Me Plenty skill level, Last 4 missions on Ultimate Doom Episode 1.]

Doom Sigil -episode Mssion 1 (Hurt Me Plenty) Gameplay -demonstration video played by myself. (Embedded from my private Youtube–channel with no ads.)

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Sigil – Romero Games

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